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Ningbo UWA Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,

Founded in 1985, the company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of plastic injection molding machines, Ningbo Plastic Machinery Industry Association Vice President Unit. Ningbo UWA Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., adheres to the development concept of "integrity, win-win and far", which not only integrates the world's advanced science and technology into the innovative elements, but also introduces the plastic machinery products with China's unique innovative technology to the world.

At present, the company existing staff more than 400 people, total assets of 500 million RMB, plant area of 100,000 square meters. Meanwhile, it introduced a large number of advanced vertical and horizontal machining center as the main processing equipments; based on the modernized management concept, it obtained ISO9001:2015 Quality System Authentication; besides, it adopted lean production line and 6S management to guarantee excellent and stable product quality.

The company always takes "science and technology prospers the factory" as the strategic policy of the development of the factory. Through scientific and technological innovation, closely combined with the market demand, a series of high quality and efficient new products have been developed and won the provincial and municipal science and technology progress award and Zhejiang manufacturing system certification for many times. It has been one of the top 15 enterprises in China's plastic injection molding machine industry and the top 30 comprehensive strength enterprises in China's plastic machinery manufacturing industry for many years.

The pursuit of customers is exactly what we have been working hard for. We will continue to provide customers with quality products and services. We sincerely welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen to come to discuss business, carry out cooperation, go forward hand in hand, create a brilliant future.

Enterprise honor

Enterprise mission

Development history



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